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Mediterranean Conference Centre, Il-Belt Valletta
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The show duration is 1 hour, however we advise you to arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the show starts.

This minimum age for this event is strictly 6+

Event Information

For the first time ever, Cirque du Soleil will present an exclusive and original live performance in Malta for the 40th anniversary of the Mediterranean Conference Centre in the historic city of Valletta.

The high-energy acrobatics of Vitori are guaranteed to thrill audiences in the first of a series of annual shows destined for Malta.

Vitori mobilizes a cast of characters inspired by the pieces in the game of chess, the ultimate game of logic and rational thinking. Brimming with talent and torque, two teams go head to head on a huge chessboard, ready to wage a battle to the end. But when the golden King falls in love with the black Rook, he puts everything in the balance to get closer to his beloved, leaving his unsuspecting subjects in total disarray.

As he bends over backwards to get closer to his love, the golden King—who happens to be a cello virtuoso—must deal with the onslaught of the opposing team led by a pretentious and narcissistic monarch and his fearsome queen. Surrounded by hilarious Bishops on roller-skates, Knights as bright as they are proud, obliging Pawns who can be manipulated at will, and a majestic Rook who is a master at pole dancing, will the golden King’s love be requited at last?

Ticket Prices:

Balcony Bronze (green) - €37.80

Silver - €59.40 inc. fees

Platinum - €162.00 inc. fees

Gold - €81.00 inc. fees


Venue Address: Mediterranean Conference Centre, Triq l-Isptar , Malta, Il-Belt Valletta, VLT 1645